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  • Dispelling Myths on Dip Tanks for Screen Reclaim

    Dip tanks, the screen reclaiming method of choice in the US, are attracting more interest in Europe. But why? You just soak your screens in the tank of chemicals and rinse; right? With the increasing interest in this screen reclaim technique, we are being asked more and more about this process. Read More

  • CPS at Printwear&Promotion Live

    Come and meet the CPS team and their UK dealer Pyramid at stand C30, the team will be happy to see you and to discuss all your latest requirements. Please come and find out about the latest product launch CPS Haze Hunter, an amazingly efficient and effective haze remover you could even book a produ... Read More

  • Can you use post-exposure to improve the durability of stencils for screen printing?

    It has been well documented that full exposure of any emulsion guarantees the best durability on press. However, what happens when you back off on the exposure time in an attempt to resolve fine detail and use post-exposure to try and restore durability? Read More

  • CPS Haze Hunter

    CPS Haze Hunter is a highly effective screen haze remover that quickly removes ghost images and stubborn screen stains. A formulated blend of strong caustics and powerful solvents is supplied as a thickened liquid, making CPS Haze Hunter easier to brush onto the screen than a conventional paste. Read More

  • CPS share their Haze Removal Top Tips for stained screens

    William Shorter shares tips and insider information on Haze Removal, by taking a look at identification of different stains and ghost images and the best methods for their removal. Read More

  • The step change from conventional to digital stencil making doesn’t have to be that big.

    William Shorter, Product Manager of CPS – Chemical Products and Services, reflects back to Printwear and Promotion Live held in February of this year, where an unprecedented increase was reported in sales of digital stencil making equipment. Here William shares his tips and facts on managing this sh... Read More

  • Take Charge of your Discharge Printing – Part 2

    Take Charge of your Discharge Printing – Part 2: For this part of our how to screen printing guide we have looked at tips and recommended practices for the printing process element of discharge screen printing. Read More

  • Are you taking all the right steps to achieve high quality stencils?

    The latest guide from CPS will help you work towards the goal of consistent production of high quality stencils. We look at all the key process steps and break them down into easy to follow instructions. Read More

  • New CPS Distributor France

    CPS are pleased to announce, Polymesh as new sole distributor of the CPS range of screen making consumables throughout France. Read More

  • Inkemi - Proudly distributing CPS products in Spain

    Inkemi, based in Malaga are suppliers of the CPS range of screen making consumables throughout Spain. As suppliers for over 20 years in the screen print and large format printing industry, you can be assured of excellent technical support as well as a wide range of high quality products. Read More

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