CPS Haze Hunter

CPS Haze Hunter is a highly effective screen haze remover that quickly removes ghost images and stubborn screen stains. A formulated blend of strong caustics and powerful solvents is supplied as a thickened liquid, making CPS Haze Hunter easier to brush onto the screen than a conventional paste.

Outstanding Results – CPS Haze Hunter

- Quickly removes most screen stains
- ‘Like new’ screens in just 10 minutes
- Easy application,  thickened liquid reduces runs
- For really tough stains use with

CPS Activator G or CPS Screen Wash A6.

Multipurpose cleaner – CPS Haze Hunter

Easily removes the following mesh stains:

- Textile inks including Plastisols, water based and discharge
- Graphic inks including UV, vinyl, paper and board
- Industrial inks including electronics, ceramics and metallic
- Fused stencil and Diazo stains

How to use – CPS Haze Hunter

  1. Always wear gloves and goggles when handling any haze remover

  2. Use the CPS Red Brush to apply CPS Haze Hunter to both sides of the dry mesh

  3. Leave for up to 10 minutes

  4. Rinse off with a low pressure water spray

  5. Blast the screen clean with a High Pressure Gun

For very stubborn stains CPS Haze Hunter can be activated with CPS EQUIVALENT NEEDED Screen Wash solvent immediately before rinsing.

CPS manufactures a complete range of haze removers for all your screen cleaning needs.

The CPS Haze Remover Range

Screen printers don’t all use the same inks or processes. To make sure that you get the cleanest screens possible, CPS manufactures a complete range of haze removers to cover all of your screen cleaning needs.