General News

  • Could you be wasting money with your screen cleaning process?

    William Shorter, Product Manager of CPS - Chemical Products and Services, takes a closer look at various screen reclaiming processes available today and some of the pitfalls that could cost you more than you think. Read More

  • Take Charge of your Discharge Printing – Part 1

    William Shorter, Product Manager CPS – Chemicals Products and Services and Liam Stubbings of Pyramid Textiles explore the key steps to successful discharge printing. Read More

  • Helping you succeed with our ‘How to Guides’

    We’re proud to announce the launch of our How to Guide campaign that provides easy to follow step-by-step advice and top tips for your screen printing processes. All guides are free, with no log-in registration required and what’s more they’re downloadable and available in over 10 languages. Read More

  • Itraco - Proudly distributing CPS products in Russian and CIS markets for over 15 years

    Itraco, have been proudly distributing CPS products in Russian and CIS markets for over 15 years. Their knowledge in the screen print industry and specialist print sectors is second-to-none, coupled with a mission that echoes the CPS ethos ‘helping customers to become market leaders in the print ind... Read More

  • Screentec Corporation

    Screentec Corporation, distributor of CPS products throughout Canada have been serving the Screen Printing market for over 35 years. Read More

  • How to Guides – Have you used them yet?

    Feedback regarding our new How to Guide section has been very positive. Have you made use of them yet? Read More

  • Stopping the slump

    Ink slump is the common term used to describe the fact that a printed drop, or line/track of ink starts off at a certain height/width ratio then “slumps” to give a wider line with less height. As a screen printer this can affect the colour balance of a four colour print, or worse, change the functio... Read More

  • ACP Systems

    ACP Systems AB has been operating for over 25 years and has built a reputation for outstanding technical and environmental expertise in the screen and pad printing industry. ACP Systems AB have been sole distributor of the CPS range of premium ‘greener’ screen cleaning chemistry within Sweden for ov... Read More

  • Safer Screen Cleaning Makes Good Business Sense

    Simon Jones, Global Screen Business Manager, highlights the importance of using screen printing chemistry that is safe for both users and the environment. Read More

  • Congratulations FESPA UK

    The feedback is positive following Fabric Printing Now Conference October 2015, with a mood of optimism and vibrancy at this year’s Fabric Printing Now Conference, organised by FESPA UK Association. Read More