General News

  • Pyramid, CPS Distributor for the UK

    Pyramid has been supplying CPS products to the UK for over ten years. Set up over 15 years ago, the core team have been with Pyramid from day one and their expertise in the screen print industry is second to none. Read More

  • Efficiency in textile printing

    The latest screen chemistry and process techniques are reducing production time at the pre-press and post print stages, helping printers ensure that when jobs go on-press they have everything they need to ensure a successful and profitable production run. Read More

  • All-In-One Cleaning from Klemens Bochonow

    Klemens Bochonow, CEO of Bochonow has been monitoring the market for sometime and observed the increased demand for all-in-one systems and immediately recognised the benefit of developing his own automated closed system. Read More

  • New CPS Distributor for Spain

    CPS is pleased to announce and welcome on board Inkemi, as its latest European distributor. Inkemi, are based in Malaga Spain and will manage the CPS range of screen making consumables throughout the country. Read More

  • Is eco-friendly cost-friendly?

    Ask any screen printer if they would prefer to use eco-friendly chemicals and you can be sure that the answer will be ‘yes’. The problem is that most printers will then add, ‘but only if it doesn’t cost more than traditional products’. Read More

  • Can process chemistry help win sales?

    Modern screen chemistry, such as that manufactured by CPS, can play an important role in minimising VOCs, creating a safer and greener working environment. Read More

  • New CPS Distributor for Poland

    CPS is pleased to announce and welcome on board API, as its latest European distributor. With their head office based in Aleksandrow Lodzki, API will manage the CPS range of specialist screen making consumables, with branches throughout Poland. Read More

  • CPS Ultra Coat HB makes high build printing faster and easier

    CPS Ultra Coat HB, a one pot ultra-fast processing photopolymer emulsion with excellent coating quality. With a very high solids content of 47%, CPS Ultra Coat HB can achieve high build with the minimum number of coats. Read More

  • Greener, more cost efficient cleaning with CPS Screen Wash A7

    Screen Wash A7 offers screen printers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional, more hazardous cleaning products. Developed as a slow evaporating solvent, less product is required to ensure consistent, high quality results. Read More

  • Safer screen cleaning makes good business sense

    Simon Jones, Commercial Manager for CPS, highlights the importance of using screen printing chemistry that is safe for both users and the environment, and explains that higher quality re-usable screen cleaning products are often more cost effective than cheaper alternatives. Read More