General News

  • Spray tack can get everywhere, including your lungs!

    Every year the screen printing industry goes through huge amounts of spray tack. Not all of it ends up being used in the production process itself, with much being wasted, coating everything around from machine parts to the operator’s lungs. Lint will also stick to it, creating potential fire haza... Read More

  • Pyramid and CPS Scrub Up Screen Processes

    'The right products in the right place' are two of the fundamental cornerstones of Marketing and the distribution of CPS environmentally sound screen making products by Pyramid Screen Products in the UK is a glowing testament to this principle. Read More

  • CPS Vx Cleaner brings environmental and production benefits to Hungarian plastics manufacturer

    CPS, the leading European manufacturer of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for the screen printing industry, has assisted a top Hungarian manufacturer of high-end plastic products for infant care and hygiene, providing them with a safer and more efficient solution for the cleaning of esse... Read More

  • Ever changing legislation

    Peter Gower, Senior Development Chemist at CPS, looks at the existing European legislation governing the use of chemicals in the screen printing industry and gives advice on how to stay ahead of impending acts. Read More