Stain Preventer Gel 6000

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Apply after printing to prevent ink stains forming. CPS Stain Preventer Gel 6000 is a gelled screen wash that is designed for use in busy printing environments to help reduce ink staining on screen printing mesh. Its gelled structure allows the screens to be coated and stored vertically and keeps the solvent in contact with the ink prior to final reclaim, the perfect solution for stopping UV and two component inks from cross linking.

CPS Stain Preventer Gel 6000 is the original slow evaporating gel, used immediately after printing to slow down drying and reduce staining from inks.

Can be applied by using a CPS Brush or coating trough.

Flashpoint: 68°C
Hazard Label free
Apply using a red CPS Brush or coating trough.

When ready to reclaim the screen, simply remove with water.

* Gel structure 'sticks' to the screen
* Very slow evaporation rate
* Very low odour
* Excellent for preventing cross linking of UV inks
* Dissolves even dried in inks


* Effective in specifically targeted areas
* Can be left on the screen for several days prior to reclaiming
* More pleasant environment for the operator
* Reduces the need for caustic based haze removers
* Reduces the need for Screen Wash

Any printer than leaves screens for a period of time before cleaning.
Available as a ready to use gel in 1 Litre, 5 Litre, 25 Litre & 210 Litre pack sizes.
Flashpoint: 68°C
VOC/Litre: 60 grams/litre
Evaporation Rate: 2
Hazard Label: None
Any type of printer, particularly those leaving screens for several days before reclamation.
CPS was the first manufacturer to produce a solvent gel.  Designed originally to stop ink drying on screens prior to going through an automatic screen cleaning machine and dramatically improving the cleaning results.