Low Tack Adhesive - GOTS approved water based adhesive

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Premium VOC free water based platen adhesive for textile printers that has been approved as a non organic input for GOTS by the Soil Association. CPS Low Tack Adhesive is a water based platen adhesive and gives superior performance to aerosol based spray adhesives. Typically, over 500 garments can be printed between applications and the recommended application method of using a roller ensures that there is no over spray of adhesive onto other parts of the printing machine. The product is extremely economical in use and guarantees maximum print output.

Apply the Low Tack Adhesive to the pallet using a gloss paint roller, dry under the flash drier and

* Hazard label free
* Water based adhesive
* Concentrate that can be diluted with water


* GOTS approved by the Soil Association.
* Environmentally friendly
* Improved working environment
* Quicker production - less down time on press
* Will perform as well as traditional spray adhesives
* No VOC
* Helps protect your carousel and flash driers from build up of flock.
* Concentrates help reduce carbon foot print and the amount of packing used.

Info Needed

Screen printers and digital printers of textiles, apparel, bags, t-shirts and garments.
This is available as a concentrate in 1 litre, 5 litre, 25 litre & 210 litre pack sizes.
Screen printers of textiles, apparel, garments, t-shirts, tea towels and bags. Especially those that are involved in printing onto Organic Cotton and are GOTS approved.

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